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REX - 3 (Southern Records, 1997)

Rex were:
Curtis Harvey (Vocals/Guitar)
Phil Spirito (Bass)
Doug Scharin (Drums) (codeine)
Phil, Doug and Curtis began playing together in Maine during the early 90s. However, circumstances soon arose which put their musical endeavour on hold. In 1994, Curtis and Doug both relocated to Brooklyn and after a bit of coaxing, persuaded Phil to leave Maine and move to New York. Upon Phil's arrival, the trio began playing again and rex was born. 3 is the follow up to last year's hugely successful C, an album which garnered rex critical acclaim in such publications as Billboard and Alternative Press.The record is their third full length in two and a half years.Rex achieves a stylistic synthesis on 3 that is perhaps best described as the ghost of Hank Williams haunting three Brooklynites who've been raised on a steady diet of the "post-rock" canonRex have toured with bands such as The Sea and Cake, Sebadoh, and June of '44.Brian Deck (Red Red Meat) and Bundy K. Brown (Tortoise, Gastr Del Sol), who recorded C at Idful studios in Chicago, were once again enlisted to engineer 3




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