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The Darkside - All that noise (1990)

The Darkside was one of several bands to emerge following the break-up of Spacemen 3 and adhered to a dark psychedelic yet more overtly pop-orientated template than their progenitor. The band formed in the Spacemen's hometown of Rugby and was led by Pete Bain (AKA Bassman), who had left Spacemen 3 just before their 1989 LP Playing With Fire. Bain was then joined in the new outfit by his former bandmate, drummer Sterling Roswell (AKA Rosco). Vocals were initially handled by Nick Hayden but his departure forced Bain to assume them. The group were signed to Beggars Banquet Records offshoot Situation Two throughout their existence.
The group debuted in 1990 with the single 'Highrise Love' and this was followed by an LP, All That Noise. With Rosco moving to keyboards, the group recruited Craig Wagstaff, whom they had known while in Spacemen 3. The Melomania LP then followed in 1992. With the departure of guitarist Kevin Cowen following the LP's release, Bain then assumed guitar duties for the EP Mayhem to Meditate. When Situation Two rejected the demos cut for a third LP, the band disintegrated.
Since the band's split, Bain has recorded several albums under the Alpha Stone name and guested on several of former bandmate Peter Kember's E.A.R albums. Rosco recently issued the well-received solo LP Ubik under his real name Sterling Roswell.
This is the japanese edition of the album with two bonus tracks. Enjoy!
1. Guitar Voodoo
2. Found love
3. She don´t come
4. Goof for me
5. Love in a burning universe
6. All that noise
7. Spend some time
8. Don´t stop the rain
9. Soul Deep
10. WAiting for the angels
11. Bonus track 1
12. Bonus track 2

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Brunomilan dijo...

discazo! ya es hora de que se conozca a estos muchachos, la banda olvidada del space rock.


Yalda dijo...

is there any way you could re-upload this album and any other darkside and alpha stone material? thanks

slowman dijo...

q tal encontre tu blog y sobretodo este disco the darkside, y ya no estaba disponible si fuera posiblke q lo violvieras a poner nuevamente porq ser un disco imprescindible,, un favor ...

Nx dijo...

Hello, would you consider re-uploading this record?

Thanks in advance.

msagástegui dijo...

Por fa!!! agradecido estariamos si volvieras a subir este disco :)

ariel tenorio dijo...

por favor podrias subirlo de nuevo?