sábado, diciembre 01, 2007

Country Teasers - Satan is real again (Crypt, 1996)

What do you get when you get a bunch of drunk Scottish guys who rip off riffs from the Fall and Joy Division and throw them into their anti-P.C. country music? You get this masterpiece of drunken hilarity. But besides being funny and offensive, they are actually great songwriters. Saying they are witty is way too much of an understatement. The riffs may not be totally original, but the delivery definitely is. After you've heard it more times and don't focus on the lyrical content and take the songs in as a whole, you will see them for the sloppy wonders that they are.
There really is no other band like the Country Teasers, and you gotta love a band that wants to smash down the P.C. walls and make it okay to make fun of everything again. Everything they have recorded is great, but this is their master work. I can't say enough good things about it. A whiskey voiced hillbilly punk band from Scotland with a very particular sound.

1. Wide-Open Beaver Of Nashville, The
2. Black Change
3. Panty Shots
4. It Is My Duty
5. Devil On My Back
6. Little Black Clouds
7. Lies
8. Thank You God For Making Me An Angel
9. Cripples
10. Some Hole
11. Don't Like People
12. Country Fag
13. Satan Is Real Again
14. These Things Shall Pass

Country Teasers-Satan is real again

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